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Not to be too annoying but then I can't see how many task I have left ... my goal is to change the background of the number from red (or yellow) to black (or white).

Every other menubar item is black&white so it sticks out!
**WARNING** - If you have setup custom styles under the Style Tab. Save these styles as a theme before proceeding by clicking the gear drop-down and selecting "Save Theme" and then choosing a location to save the file. All default styles can be reset by using the "Reset" button at the bottom of the Style Tab.

Changing the color for the status overlay in the menu bar icon is done by changing the style of the two Status-Based Styles; Due Soon and Overdue. Change to these styles effects the menu bar icon, dock icon, and items within the OmniFocus document. I am not sure if it is possible to set different colors for each location these Status-Based Styles are displayed.

Personally, I prefer the call to attention color in the menu bar creates as it usually denotes a task which does in fact need my attention. However, my workflow preferences are not how everyone works and that is the beauty of how OmniFocus can be customized. I do not know of a further way to customize the menu bar icon beyond what I have already mentioned. I hope this information answers your question or provides you with a possible solution to finding a balance of appropriate color styles to meet your needs.
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