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Ideally, I guess, what I'm ultimately trying to do is achieve a happy medium. Where I don't have a project for each writing assignment cause then I have so many projects, but at the same time like you said under one "writing" container that one writing project becomes too cluttered to become particularly useful.
I'd take a look at why you think a separate project for each writing task is too many projects. Can some of them be on hold for now? Do you really have to work on all of them at the same time?

Personally I have gone to hundreds of separate individual projects because I can't handle the sub-project dependencies and I spent far too much time tweaking how I looked at things rather than doing things. I use context to separate my tasks into logical groups.

Maybe you need to reset your expectations of what is a reasonable number of projects to be juggling at one time?

If it helps right now my OF system has 236 current, active, being worked on, projects with a further 600 or so on hold or pending.