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The section on perspectives in the documentation lists the items that are set, for the most part, but there are a couple of "by the way, this is also set by perspectives" things in other parts of the documentation, so I thought I'd preserve my notes here from my fresh reading of the documentation, plus some subsequent discoveries.

1. View Mode (Planning or Context)

2. Optional columns included (start date, due date, estimated time)

3. Column width settings (p. 45 of the documentation)

4. Focused items

5. Sidebar items selected

6. View bar settings (grouping, sorting, that sort of thing)

7. Print page size (p. 34 of the documentation)

8. Visibility of sidebar (and perhaps size?)

9. Visibility of view bar

10. Not saved: Window size (i.e., depth)

Are there any other things that are set by a perspective? I'm going to be testing a bit, so I'll add anything I discover. It would be nice if the right-hand column of the Perspectives dialog showed all of these items.

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