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I use Pert charts extensively and only output Gantt when others ask for it. It takes to much effort to mange the start-to-finish, finish-to-finish, and other dependencies in a project with Gantt. Gantt does not display the relationships well and is even worse for people who are visually oriented (aka Mac users?).

Without Pert, this application is significantly underpowered. Fortunately for Omni, the other applications are either unwieldy, have badly designed interfaces which make them hard to use, or are just plain visually offensive. The first clean Mac-ish project management app that includes Pert will become my team's mainstay and we leave OmniPlan in the dust.

Omni simply does not take end user requests like this seriously. We have been requesting Pert for years. Just look a the dates on this forumů 2007.

Is OmniPlan the only mainstream project planning app that does not have Pert chart functionality?