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Is there a 30 day refund policy for Omnifocus for the iPad? Despite the fact that this question was raised in this board, the 30-day money back guarantee support text included in OmniGraffle app notes is NOT present on the OmniFocus app notes.

I use OmniFocus every day. I already have >$100 sunk into Omnifocus (multiple versions of Mac and iPhone).

I kind of wish that some of my money had gone towards hiring a crackerjack GUI person. Looking at the screenshots - similar to the 4 second preview - leads me to believe that, for better or worse, OmniGroup's priorities are: #1 develop robust functionality, and #2 use non-designers' skills as best you can to get a passable design.

This is fine for many. Call me superficial, but for me I want some UI sophistication in an iPad program I will be using a lot.

I'm open to the possibility of having my mind changed, but am not willing to make a $40 bet without the reassurance that, if after 30 days, I can delete the app from my iPad and get my money back.

So what is the deal on the 30 day policy?