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To warn: I'm a recent convert of Omnigraffle and have searched for this, but I have not found anything yet. Also, I'm not a UI designer or do anything with wireframing, so perhaps, I'm in the minority with my suggestion/feature request.

I like to take lots of notes on various subjects and create Omnigraffle documents on the subjects. I take numerous screenshots and insert them into OmniGraffle and have lines that connect my text notes to the screenshots. I like to have the first cavas as an index and I can link from there to other canvas.

It's working great, but my sidebar is getting extremely cluttered. I was wondering if there was a good way to organize or group canvas together?

For example, I have an ongoing collection of Filemaker script examples, and I create a canvas for each script, and break them down so I can understand them. It would be great if I had the ability to create a Folder in the sidebar and call it "Scripts" and put my script canvases in there.

A good example would be like Curio. I like Curio, but I like Omnigraffle better.