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I'm working on how, or if, to use OF for listing things that I want to do, but aren't something that I complete and are done, nor are they really repeating events. For example, this morning I remembered that I can offer up business services that I provide to other businesses as a trade. One way of doing this is to actively pursue the opportunity for such a trade, which could then be enterable into OF in a pretty standard GTD kind of way. The other side is that I want to remember to offer up such a trade whenever I run into someone who might be a match, so the context is a bit nebulous, although I could put it in my "anywhere" context.

I think the issue for me is, if I use OF in some way, it needs to be tied to doing. Perhaps I have a list (as an note or attachment to an Action) of these kinds of behaviors, and also goals, etc., and set up a repeating Action for reviewing them. When I attended David Allen's Roadmap seminar, he used a mind mapping program in a pretty cool way for tracking his various altitudes of perspective (runway, 40,000 feet, etc.), and he would drill down (or up) through the altitudes when reviewing things including, but not limited to, actions. I'm sure people on this list have some useful ideas. Thanks.