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Apologies in advance for really simple questions.

How do I draw lines within circles? When I try to add lines within a circle, sometimes the lines hide behind the circle, other times it works fine. When I try to adjust the order (i.e. move circle to back or move lines to front), this only works when the line extends beyond the circle's perimeter.

In addition, how do I extend the line without creating an extended line or some other kind of polygon? I just want a longer line.

By the way, my goal in all this was to create a labeled pie chart with some segments colored different than other segments. Is there an easier way to do this?

I'm testing out OmniGraffle and ConceptDraw Pro. So far CDP seems to be easier to use. I already use OmniFocus and would have liked to stay with the OmniGroup products. Just need to know how to better use OmniGraffle.

Thanks for any help anyone might have for this noob.