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Hello folks,

I wanted to have a way of encrypting tasks and projects in OmniFocus (primarily so that I can put PII/financial, etc. data in OF without having to worry about iPod shoulder surfing or it getting hacked if stolen) but since there's no native encryption capabilities for it and since I couldn't find what I wanted on the web...AppleScript to the rescue!! So I spent a large portion of last night (till the wee hours) learning AppleScript and trying to find a graceful way of addressing what I wanted so here's what came out. Forgive me if you find my AppleScript disgraceful; this is my first attempt at coding using this scripting language.

There likely will be other updates to make it more robust later and I may be nudged into updating it further if I find a suggestion useful. I'll try to get some webspace to drop my stuff there so I don't have to post updates here :).


Edited 10/04/2011. I'm cutting off the script from this post and referring to my website instead for an enhanced version of the script. The site is still under construction but the location shouldn't change or I'll make sure to update the link below it if it does.

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