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I've just read this article about sending flagged messages to omnifoucs. /links/send-flagged-mail-messages-to-omnifocus-automatically

I currently use outlook, i would like to do something similar.

I would like to mark messages as flagged on my iPhone/idevice, when they arrive in my inbox (or update to flagged) i want to send the main to my omnifoucs inbox.


1. mark as flagged, in outlook/iphone/ipad
2. search inbox every x mins / or based on an event? (ON MAC - so has to be running for this to work)
3. send selected messages to omnifoucs inbox
3. mark messages as unflagged

Any ideas?

Ive looking he dictionary for outlook there is a property followup seems to be the right one?

So for now i would just like to know how to list all flagged messages, i can do the rest.