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I have one question about the iCal and or webcalendar import for free and extra hours.
I want to import the free and not free hours for my projects over iCal and WebCalendars. But There is one issue on this. Here one Example.

1) My ressource is exporting a vacation calendar. This is easy and it works well.

2) If my resource is exporting his calendar with all possible work hours possible or not possible.
2.1) When I import them all is fine.
2.2) He is updating his calendar because I gave him a workpackage.
2.3) The exported calendar now includes this workpackage
2.4) Now the Task/Workpackage in OmniPlan is resheduled because the ressource is not available in this timeframe.

How do you solve this issue?
My Problem is, that the most users are not able to export diffrent or filtered calendars.