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I'm hoping maybe someone else has had a similar problem and may be able to point me in some useful direction.

I'm running a MacBook Air and and iPhone 3G, Snow Leopard, and using Time Machine for backups. I believe my OmniFocus for all devices is up to date. When I have OF up on my computer for a long-ish time (a few hours or more), the computer will start slowing down until eventually it grinds to a halt. When I pull up Activity Monitor to find out what's going on, it shows the "Kernel Task" using 150% or more (!) of the CPU capacity.

The Kernel Task overload seems to be a known problem, although I haven't discovered a known cause. When this happens I typically have a few other apps open (iCal, Mail, Safari), but closing them doesn't seem to help. Eventually everything gets so bogged down that I have to Force Quit every app and restart. One recent time it got so bad it corrupted my Time Machine drive and I lost all my old backups. Time Machine and/or syncing may also relate to the problem -- I'm not sure.

I don't know if OF has anything to do with this. All I know is that I started having the problem when I started using OF, and I've not had it, at least not this bad, except when OF is running.

If you have any ideas at all, I would be so grateful for direction on this. It's making me reluctant to open OF, and that in turn is really hurting my productivity.

Thanks for reading!