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Hi. I'm new to OmniFocus this week and I'm awfully impressed.... One week in to the 14 day trial and I'm already in too deep to turn back now... the product is clearly so well thought through...

One thing I'm trying to do is customize a perspective. I'd like to list just the actions that are available, sorted by folder/project. I've almost got it working this way:

* View mode: Project
* Project Filter: Remaining
* Grouping: Folder
* Availability Filter: Available

This works well for me because I can only see the actions that are available (due to the start date and/or just because it's the next task in a sequential project).

The only problem is that this perspective still lists the projects with no available actions (even though there are no actions within them). Is there a way that I can remove these projects from the perspective so I only see projects with 1 or more actions available? I was hoping to see something like a Project Filter option called "Available", but no luck there. And the "Active" filter still shows the empty projects. This is a slight nuisance because I've got a few dozen projects and the unavail projects clutter what could be an easy one screen view of my available actions. (I also don't want to view by context because I operate more on a project-by-project basis.)

Thanks for any help! There seem to be so many ways to customize things that I'm hoping there is a way to do this. The iPhone app does this if you set it to show projects that are "Available", so I'm hoping the Mac app does it too...