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... Is this perhaps Lion and Omnigraffle fighting over who is going to do the background save of the document?
  1. Yes, that is correct. If you want background or detail re the problem, this thread may help.
  2. File a bug report via the Help menu, SendFeedback service.
... particularly as there seems to be no way to disable autobackups in my version of OGP (5.3.6/GM-v138.33).
I do not have Lion to test that, but that does not sound right at all. In OG, go to the Preferences/General dialogue (via OmniGraffle Pro menu), and turn off automatic Backups. Now you are in the realm of Lion auto-save only, and its Preferences, and the two should not be fighting.

Omni should remove or disable the Preferences/Backup feature if the OSX version is Lion, in order to fully integrate the Lion document versioning.