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Thanks again to everyone taking the time to help us test OmniOutliner 4! Here's some things that can help us out a lot when sending in feedback:
  • Try to write one email for each issue unless they are directly related to each other. When there's multiple issues in a single email that we're responding to, it can be easy to lose track of one of them.
  • Screenshots of issues are great.
  • A copy of the OmniOutliner file is even better. If it's an issue related to a specific file. Depending on your mail client, you may need to compress the file before sending it. You can do this by right-clicking on the file in Finder and selecting 'Compress "[file name]"'. Then attach the .zip file that is created. If you are reporting a problem with a file that was created with OmniOutliner 3, it would be ideal to send a copy of the file before it was saved by OmniOutliner 4 if possible.
  • If you have been conversing with one of our Support Humans about an issue and then find something new to report, please submit it as a new ticket.

We appreciate your help!