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GTD systems always requires refinement to keep goals and contexts relevant. My GDI workflow is in constant flux of tweaking. Mainly due to the idiosyncrasies in productivity tools and numerous devices. Omnifocus is at the center today; after exploring many productivity applications before.

I have several repeatable tasks in Omnifocus. The tasks are simple, yet often skipped depending on my workload. So I set these tasks repeatable; bi-weekly or every week day. These tasks are the review and organization objectives for my GTD workflow. They could also be busy work while waiting on the phone. Examples may include cleaning secondary email boxes; review in OmniFocus; or update my apps.

The challenge is checking them off after having a back log of these tasks. Omnifocus continue displaying these tasks well in the future. So one begins checking off these tasks and thinks: "whoa, I am really behind on these tasks." Then a quick glance to the inspector and the start date is a month later.

I quickly unchecked these tasks to today. Now, I have multiple duplicates in my projects. So the repeatable task is listing 50 times. How do you clean these duplicates without deleting the future tasks? I am not sure if it relates to my perspective view. Omnifocus is showing the Inbox perspective.

This thorough cleaning out and review kills my GTD system. I need insight on dealing with repeatable tasks and their idiosyncrasies. Again, I know how to set repeatable tasks and their purpose. But other GTD systems do not display future task until the relevant date. Why is Omnifocus giving me future tasks when the start date is next month or six months from now?