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Yesterday I downloaded & installed the OF trial (1.7.5) and it looks promising at first sight to say the least, however I notice some strange "global" behaviour on my mac (10.6.4).

1. I have some other programs running, start OF and try a copy paste from one of the other open programs. The copy seems to work but pasting either using CMD+V or from the context menu results in nothing but a system "bleep" sound. There is simply nothing on the clipboard.

2. With OF open I try to access menu items, for example: Edit - Level - add sublevel (sorry, using it in Dutch, don't know the exact English menu items). The "add sublevel" (i.e. the second level of the menu items) remains hidden behind all other open programs thus making them impossible to select.

3. Using CMD + TAB to change Applications: Firefox (3.6.8) simply dissapears and neither can it be brought forward by clicking on it in the dock.

The only solution so far: Quit everything and reboot.

Does anybody recognize this behaviour and if so, was there any fix possible?