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I have a "what next" perspective with the following settiongs:

View Mode: Context
Focus: No Focus
Filter: Remaining
Grouping: Context
Sorting: Project
Action Filter: Next Action
Time Filter: Any Duration
Flag Filter: Any Flag State

I use this as the proxy for my daily "todo" list; I work things based on my mental state, current location, and available time off this list. However, when I add things to projects via inbox, quick entry, or clipping, they are added to the bottom of the project list. This is almost always the wrong order; the things that occur to me on the fly are usually short, urgent action items which I need to take care of in a different context.

As such, I want new items to appear at the *top* of the project list. If they need to be moved somewhere else on the list, they'll pop up as I work through the next actions, which makes the next action to put them in the right place on the list.

I suspect many people don't work this way, so this would probably need to be an option, but I'd really like it -- I keep having to remember to go through and move things to the top of my projects, both a waste of time and worse, easy to forget (avoiding which is the point of all this).

Would this be useful to anybody else?

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