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Well, I'm baffled.

I would've thought that using the Choose File button would insert the correct file link. I select the button I want to hotlink, click Choose File, and browse to the stencil. It inserts the following path:

../Yahoo! Design Stencils/Form Elements.gstencil

which is a relative path from the the stencil I'm editing. But even then, if I click the Open button, I just get the Alert sound.

If I go to the file in Terminal, I can see the following absolute path:

/Users/francoismacbook/Library/Application Support/OmniGraffle/Stencils/Yahoo! Design Stencils/Form Elements.gstencil

If I paste that into the Browse panel, and then click Open, it opens that stencil. If I go back to the stencil I was editing, however, the path I pasted into the panel is now blank. If I just paste in the path, and then deselect the element, it also blanks the panel contents, so I assume OG thinks the path is invalid. I've tried escaping space characters as %20, but that doesn't help either.

So what do I do?