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I've setup certain iCal alarms to show up in OF as tasks (via the +omnifocus email).

Everything is great, except for one detail:
OmniFocus will add as a Note the title of the iCal event.
This is a big deal to me because I use notes exclusively for tasks that have actual notes I need to read. The way it is now, it annoys me to open a note only to find out it is not really a note but some iCal debris.

I realize this is the way iCal emails the alarms (it copies into the body of the email the title of the event). So my question is:

Is there some kind of script that will either, prevent iCal from emailing the events like that, or one that removes that text/note from OmniFocus, or even from the email itself just before OF grabs it?

Thank you in advance.

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