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Before I get too far into to setting things up only to find out I should have done it differently, how do you decide whether a group of things should fall under a folder or if they should be a project? Are there benefits to each one over the other that would inform my choice?

I'm a homemaker, and am basically using this to organize household chores. I've been trying to focus on a particular room every day, in addition to daily tasks, so that I can get the house under better control.

So, I set up my system with Homemaking as a Folder, and then started setting up each room as a Project that views its tasks in parallel. Under each room I made a Routine project that holds the process I would use every time the room comes up, which has a due date and a repeating schedule and views its tasks sequentially. Then I add any non-routine items as siblings to the Routine folder.

Would there be any pros or cons to setting up each room as a folder instead of as a project?

Are there any other examples that could help me figure out the distinction between folders and projects when I get around to expanding my system beyond routine chores?

Thanks for any advice you can offer.

Oh, and is there any way to convert a project to a folder or vice versa after it's been created? If not, is there any efficient way to make a change if I need to?

- Leisel