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Hey there Omnites,

I'm loving the OG5. But I'm being driven crazy by one element and maybe someone can enlighten me.

I've created a template - 11x17 - that I would like to use as the starting point for my site planning documents. My Template in the Template Chooser looks perfect, nicely landscaped. While working in the template (from new) everything is perfectly oriented. However, when I go to print, it always tries to print it in portrait orientation.

Now before everyone tells me about the Page Setup >Orientation option I've already set this in the template file. What I am seeing on the screen appears as an 11x17 canvas in landscape mode. When I go and hit Page Setup > Orientation in my new file, it takes my nicely landscaped document and flips it to portrait orientation.

To work around this right now, I'm having to make a fresh document everytime I want to print to PDF or paper and copy over all my elements to the new document. No really ideal. Anyone have any insight?

Here is a link to a Flickr Set with some screenshots if that helps to better understand what I'm talking about.

If anyone has any insight that they would care to share, please do! :)