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Before I got my iPhone, I used OF in planning perspectives mostly and had only a few of them. Now I'm expanding the number of perspectives and seeing some annoyances.

I create several contexts which are intended to be very minimal and open in their own window. No sidebar, no toolbar, no viewbar. Just the list of actions to open, consult, tick off, and close the window.

Problem 1: I open my current sprint context perspective which has none of the bars on it. I close it and open a planning perspective which has an open sidebar. Close the planning perspective, then reopen the current sprint context perspective. It now has the sidebar open on it. Both perspectives have focus, layout, expansion, selection, and open in a new window selected.

Problem 2: I have 2 or more of my perspectives open and display the toolbar in one via the keyboard and the toolbar appears in all. The same behavior for the viewbar. At least I can turn these off and on from the keyboard.

Am I missing something in how to set up a context? Or can't I have it my way here?