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Hello everyone!
I'm new to the list, new to Omnifocus and new to the iPad - a trifecta!

So far I love the iPad, i'm an old PC user, but boy this Apple stuff just works!
My question is this:
I want to set up a daily project for a morning routine:
Inside it would be a list of things like:
Do 3 pushups ( just kidding)
do 1 situp ( not kidding)
check calendar
take vitamins etc

As I complete each of these, I would like it to disappear from the current day, and re-appear for next day.
I have tried setting up a recurring project with recurring tasks inside it, but as I mark the tasks as done, they just seem to multiply, so i get duplicates of them. Am I making this too complicated? it's just that I would like to have it all grouped in one project, so when all the components are done, I can mark the project as done for that day.
Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.