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1) Web client. My guess is that because you are supplying your own syncing you may be working toward that. To me this is the biggest piece of the missing puzzle that would take OF to the next level, for several reasons. First, I have to work on a Windows machine all day and really want to stay in that environment when I want to add tasks or get a few things done. Even with an iPad and even with ability to send emails, it is SOO much easier to just keep a web page open. Also, this would help expand the market beyond Macs (a Win client would do that more of course but I don't see that happening) as it would give people without Macs a viable desktop option.
I don't think that a web client would be useful : an application such as OF must ALWAYS be available, even when disconnected (I do my weekly reviews when I have a train trip).

I have the same problem as you : Mac at home and iPhone in my pocket, but a Windows PC at work. I dream of having OF one day on Windows....