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With 10.7 looming, and the end of Rosetta, I need to export a few dozen Canvas docs into some format that I can directly, or more likely (after reading OG help and seeing the formats it reads) indirectly get into OG.

Attached are all the formats I can export out of in Canvas. I may want to throw in some additional formats for good measure.

I have Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop (both CS3).

Any suggestions on which format, and then which app to make an intermediary conversion might be me the most usable document in OG?

My first cut of formats to export into is something like this (I've asterisked the ones I think might be most relevant for getting into OG, via some intermediary app):

AI - Adobe Illustrator *
DCX (?) *
DXF - Vector Graphics (AutoCAD) *
EPSF - Encapsulated PostScript

GIF/JPEG - Web Images
or maybe just:

PSD/PDD - Photoshop *
TIFF (?)


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