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You are not keeping it for reference, and you are not interested in keeping it for possible future action (like catching the exhibit in another city). I guess I don't get it. Why not just delete it?
1) I don't like to throw things away

2) perhaps it is a reoccuring event, but not the same each year. High School Musical. This year "Sound of Music" next year "Grease" If I want to look at what I did or didn't do last year, I can notice that it is early April when the play was last year

2b) if I have what I didn't do, but a similar event is going to happen, I can copy and change it to make it suitable for this year

3) might have some details that will be relevant for other events: For example, did not see the Matisse Exhibit at the Toledo Museum of Art, but if I want to call them for a summer calendar of 2008 --- I may have an e-mail or phone number attached to that event I didn't do (and did not delete)

I probably could think of more, but it is late and I am tired