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I organize the client portion of my library with a folder for each client. Typical client folders have a variety of projects, with the same project names appearing in many folders, e.g., "admin", "FileMaker", "Web", "support".

In Context Mode, the Project column shows just the project name. I have to guess the client (i.e., folder) names based on the task names. Almost always, the client name is far more important than the generic project name.

If the Action Inspector is visible, I can see the client/folder name by selecting a task line -- the Project value shows "foldername : projectname".

If I click the Project menu down-arrow for a specific task, the menu also shows both folder & project names. AND when I click the down-arrow again to dismiss the menu, "projectname" changes to "foldername : projectname". HOWEVER, the foldername portion disappears when the window is refreshed (e.g., select another context and then reselect the original context).

What I need is "foldername : projectname" shown all of the time in Context Mode.

Since "foldername : projectname" may be quite long, users should have the ability to customize with Context Mode windows to reflect their folder and project names -- either a user preferences or View > Columns choices. As I was writing this note, I realized View > Columns might already offer a Folder column -- sadly, no.

[submitted as formal feedback]