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Originally Posted by Forrest
I think some of it may have to do with HTML being depreciated and some of that not being valid XHTML.
HTML 4, along with XML, is the basis for XHTML, so really, HTML is dead, but long live HTML.

As for that particular code not being valid XHTML, why would it be? The doctype on the page is HTML 4. Any browser should render the page properly according to the HTML 4 spec.

That said, there were a couple of minor issues with the page. Nothing that caught the eye of the W3C validator, but issues nonetheless--and enough to push Firefox into quirks mode. I've fixed them, converted the page to XHTML 1.0 Transitional, and posted it here:


Results: no change.

And another issue might be that some of the "features" used on that page, are common mistakes when HTML is used. It seems like if browsers rendered that code correctly, many sites would be displayed incorrectly.
Like what, specifically? In fact, some of these features, like table data grouping, are extremely important for accessibility (and very useful in other ways), and they're most definitely not mistakes. Actually, you'll rarely see some of these things on sites at all because 1) very few sites use HTML/XHTML semantically, and 2) most folks use WYSIWYG editors to generate HTML, and these editors don't support these sort of high-level semantic features. Were HTML used properly, and were people to actually compose it by hand and care about things like accessibility, you'd see a lot more of these things in common use.

BTW, while I was modifying the page, I added an example of form controls that should have clickable labels. iCab gets it right, as does Firefox, but the WebKit browsers don't.