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I agree Amilius. I sent this in a couple years ago, but can only imagine how many things OmniGroup gets asked for.

I would want more than password, but encryption. Especially if it's going to be in the cloud.

There is a level of GTD where it becomes more than the old fashioned grocery list. Once you start putting in your dreams, your ideas for new things to bring into the world, business ideas or relationship issues you are working through, the data becomes much more personal and important.

This is why I don't sync to any server, because it's wide open for anyone to look at.

There are many companies that wouldn't allow using OmniFocus because of the security issues.

You think apple is using it to map out the things to do for the next product?
You think they are syncing to the OmniFocus company server?

I've personally had odd occurrences happen at work where things on my action list are brought up, ideas taken before I have a chance to work them out. It's gotten to the point where I have my work OmniFocus database separate from my personal database, because i keep a lot of personal projects and ideas seperate. I have to choose which database I want on the iPhone, which is unfortunate, because then I don't have a way to capture ideas that are not work related. I keep the work database on the work computer and home database at home.

It's odd there is such a great reaction against this? Way more energy fighting against something that wouldn't affect a user if they didn't want to use it?

Makes you wonder about those posting with such vim and vigor against this idea? :)

Either they work for OmniGroup and don't want to put the effort into the change
They are getting fed off others OmniFocus database
They are really bored

I've heard on one of David's podcast that he uses a blackberry due to security issues with the iPhone.
Thank you SpiralOcean, excellent points. Yes I really want them to do encryption but it appears that might be asking too much from them according to others. I was al the least hoping for a password protection option. I have that option on a simple text app program yet when it involves my most "personal and important" information to my heart I'm Sh!t outta luck. (Thanks Omnifocus).

I wish other GTD'rs that took David's classes or read the books and did the system would jump on the bandwagon instead of the Apple-trains like it was the final solution of their needs. GTD is much more vital and important to not have encryption.

I guess what I have to do is take what I learned and build my own OF app and compete. I'd sell it for half the cost of OF and include an option for password protection and encryption. If you can't join them then beat them!

I used to be a die-hard Mac guy but because of what Apple is starting to implement with iCloud and the new iOS (especially the new OSX) it's becoming clear that they are turning their users into Facebook-ified zombies. After all the "i" in iOS, iMac, the iPhone, the iPad and iCloud is not just an acronym for its system but philosophy that the user is the small i -- a cog in the wheel of their business plan. They used to be the Rebel Alliance but have turned into the Empire. A case in point: Final Cut Pro--newer version has conflict with XML files, every other platform handles them. It's crap as far as for editing. I have editor friends that are switching back to PC. I'm thinking the same as all these Apple devices are just not worth the exorbitant price tag anymore. No flash on devices. Apple has their way or the high way. Something tells me that Omnifocus has been swayed to this dark side.

For those doubting thomas' regarding this info just scan through and see where the future of Apple is going with users and their lives and privacy will be forever modified with this technology.