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I'm using Zimbra hosting with its pioneers at OnDeckTech, Things start off just peachy -- OF/Mac puts the Omnifocus.ofocus database on WebDAV, iPhone picks it up. Alas, any second sync from Mac fails with Error 403, "Forbidden." BTW, iPhone's sync blinks without errors, but I can't see its propagation for the Mac's side errrors out with 403...

At the same time I can mount WebDAV in Finder via Command-K, and do whatever I want with files/folders there, hinting at good permissions. I also tried creating subfolders and putting them as location -- works the first time, not the second.

Strangely, syncing also sometimes appears to work from the Preferences=>Sync Now, but not via the Control-Command-S shortcut.

Is there a create/delete problem going on, -- but I can do it in Finder? Or some other operation OF tries to do which Zimbra's WebDAV doesn't allow?