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Last evening I was inputting data in a multi-step project (about 15 steps). I clicked "Done" and all but the first step disappeared. I looked at a similar project to see if I could copy and paste parts of it to more quickly redo what had been lost - but that one now only had the first step, too!

I opened a long (45 steps) Project to see if it was OK and it only had the first action (which was the beginning of an action group) and the first child action! All other steps were completely GONE!!!

I then closed out of the app for fear of it syncing with the OmniFocus Cloud, if it hadn't already. I opened my iPhone app and everything was intact. Quickly closed it before syncing to save the data.

I tried to call Support, but it was Friday after closing so I'm stuck until Monday.

Today I figured out how to shut the syncing off on the iPad. I did but I'm not sure whether it synced or not before I did so. I looked around in the app and found I have lost ALL data except for top level Project names and maybe the first step. Folders are completely gone along with all the data that was in them!!!

I had so much business and personal info in this app. I really, really liked this app...

I'm using a 64gig iPad 2 bought new November 2011. I've had no problem with it or other apps.

Any suggestions?