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Dear OmniWeb community!

I recently switched from OmniWeb 5.10.3 to the latest 5.11 sneaky peek (build 148080). I have a serious crashing problem with the new version of OW.

I have not been able to connect the crashes with a special situation. They seem to happen almost randomly and spontaneous while loading some web page. Loading the same page again does not reproduce the crash.

It happened loading, or just loading a linked image (no html, just a plain jpeg image) and on many other pages. So i think this may have something to do with OmniWeb itself, rather than the WebKit engine.

Is anyone else experiencing this sort of crashes? Should i send the crash reports for these kind of crashes? I can't add helpful informations about the situation in which the crash occured to the crash report because i can't find a reason and can't reproduce the crash.

I'm using an iMac (late 2009) with Mac OS X v10.6.7 and no special internet plugins. Besides the OW problem the machine is absolutely stable.

Thanks in advance for every helpful idea!