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If you use OmniOutliner and Atlassian's Confluence, I have a hack for you!

Copy and pasting from OO to Confluence is usually a big bag of hurt. If you copy into Confluence's Rich Text editor it often chokes. If you copy into the markup editor you have to reset all your outline levels.

I found that by exporting my OO file as HTML and copy and pasting the HTML from a browser into Confluence I can preserve the indent levels and most of the formatting from the outline!

  1. Select Export from the File menu.
  2. Select HTML (Unordered List) from the File Format drop-down.
  3. Click Save
  4. Open the saved file in a browser (I used Safari but I'm assuming that other browsers work.)
  5. Copy the text from the browser
  6. Paste into the Rich Text editor for your confluence page.
  7. Click Save

Happiness! Your outline is preserved!