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I am creating images in Omnigraffle on the Mac to be used as iPhone and iPad icons and splash screens.

I set the Ruler Units to Pixels. I create a rectangle the size I want, i.e. 57x57 px or 320x480 px. I create the icon or splash screen

I choose Export, PNG format, and either select "Specific Region" and ensure the region is still the size [Height & Width] I want or select the rectangle and choose "Current Selection".

The output file is rejected by the Apple SDK as being incorrect size.

If I open the file in Preview, the inspector tells me the file is larger than I set at export. For example a 320x480 size is Exported by Omnigraffle as 764px 1146px. A 57px x 57px is exported as 145 px x 145 px.

How can I get the specific size I request in PX exported from Omnigraffle?


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