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How are you getting different filenames? Are you duplicating files to make different versions of the plan? At one point, the internal ID wasn't changed when you made a dup of a document on the iPad, and as you can imagine, confusion would soon follow. I saw notice of a fix for that recently, but it might only have been in the beta test images. I think the Mac app would have the same problem, except without any visibility (the iPad app obviously knows when you duplicate a file) it would be more difficult to remedy the duplicate ID.

As for dates changing, a couple of things come to mind. Are you sharing resources between projects? If you are publishing loads and auto-leveling, making a change to one plan and publishing that change should affect the dates in other plans using the resource whose availability was affected. I'm inclined at the moment to suspect that your duplicate file issues might be playing a role here, unless you can build a simple test case to demonstrate it without duplicating any files. You might do well to call up Omni and work through this over the phone in a more immediately interactive fashion: 1-800-315-6664 or +1-206-523-4152.