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I am just getting going with Omnifocus and got totally confused because I did the following:

I setup Folders for different work areas as such:


Then I used Inbox to create a ton of random ToDos that I dragged and dropped into these different Folders. I then dragged some of the ones that related under each other into projects.

I then proceeded to try and assign a Context to each one and became quite frustrated in trying to do it. Now I just figured out that all these things I dragged over there that don't have anything beneath them are "single actions", but the way I did it they were Projects with no actions... thus no context can be applied. I kept thinking I was doing it with the Inspector, but was assigning a "Default Context".

So how to convert all these Projects to Actions? I have concluded that it can't be done as long as they are beneath a Folder. Maybe I'm wrong, but doesn't seem like it.

So I discovered the Single Action List. Great, I created one in each of my folders... seems kind of redundant to me since its kind of the same thing as a Folder. So then I think, can I drag a real Project with subordinate Actions into the Single Action List? Yes, I can. So what is the point of this. The Single Action List, isn't really a Single Action List if it can contain Projects, right? The Single Action List seems to be what I really wanted when I picked a Folder. It would seem to me that Folder is kind of useless unless you never want a Single Action in there and I'm not sure how you'd know that.

Off to convert all my Folders to Single Action Lists... er, I mean replace them with Single Action Lists.

Please let me know if I'm missing something here.