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Slow down, turbo.

You are missing something, but this will be a lengthy response. So sit tight!
Turbo... haha... that's a good one. :)

I think I have a good understanding on what a project is, vs. what an action is. That wasn't really my question. My question was more about the difference between a folder and a single action list. As I said, you can put a project in a single action list, so it seems redundant to set up a separate single action list for every folder.... rather than just putting everything in the single action list.

That said, I'm doing it now like you suggested because I noticed the color difference for single action lists and figure there is more to this than I can comprehend at this point. I am also naming my projects with a folder prefix in the name so that they sort orderly in the Context view.

I'm a veteran certified project manager, so as you can imagine... I'm really seeing lots to like here, but I have to be careful that organizing my work doesn't become so much of the project that doing it falls to the back burner. So far though, I think I'm going to like working with this once I get my initial set of stuff organized and in here. I have spent a couple of days researching these tools and trying to get going. It is such a time commitment to invest in a tool like this that I really, really don't want go down the wrong path.

I think the big thing is really understanding how Omnifocus handles all this stuff so that I pick the right combination of stuff to get the expected outcome. For example, I have a website forum I run... similar to this actually. I have a project called "Update Website X". I am using it to just collect things I need to do on the site... with no particular order right now. The thing is that some of the actions I've dropped into this project, I know I will eventually develop into full blown projects on their own... because they will take me weeks to do once I start them. I've dropped a lot of other actions into the same project that can literally be done in 5 minutes and need to be done soon... for example, adding a new forum for a particular product that was recently released. When I look at my Context view, I am only seeing one action cued up to work on for this project since they are parallel, its picking a "next". If I had put the shorter actions into a separate single action list, I think that OF would be showing the all as next... then I could just pick one and do it. I need to re-read the "book" to remember which is better. One is less "focussed" and one is more "focussed". The reality is that several of them relate to a context that is literally "updating forum software", but I don't want to micromanage my contexts like that. I do in my mind try to group activities like that because I can do them all quicker if I do them at the same time.

Sorry for the long winded response... just rambling on here.