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Thanks for all the discussion... this is a great forum. I am good for now. I was conflicted with the idea of putting a project into a single action list, but now I realize from the discussion here that it was converting it to an action group.

As a side note... I think that some of this in this thread creates a major frustrating hurdle for someone new. I at least had read "the book" so understood the whole notion of actions, projects, and contexts. I got thrown off because little known to me when I dragged all my stuff out of the inbox they all became projects with no actions... thus I couldn't assign a context (I thought I was assigning a context, but in reality was only assigning a default context for the project). So then when I looked at the context menu and nothing was there it was confusing. I think that the Omni-guys either need to create more introduction videos with a holistic view of the major components and a little case study to go with it, or they need to somehow create some wizards to get you going. Otherwise I think a lot of people will abandon this before they give it a chance. I came close, but now I think I've gotten through to where I can work with it and learn the rest. It was a major effort for me to break through some of this.