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Full Siri integration isn't necessary. What is important is to integrate with Reminders, which can be used as a 'pre-inbox' or as a separate tracking tool like your Calendar. If you think about it there is a need for such a tool, already in one day I'm using Reminders this way.
  1. Reminders This is the hopper. Ideally it would be the OF Inbox, but it can serve as a pre-inbox. A lot of stuff goes in there (quick one offs), if it's important or bigger it can make it to the more formal OF database.
  2. Calendar Hard landscape important events.
  3. OmniFocus More important longer term project tracking etc.

naupaka has an interesting approach which I'll investigate.

Again - I don't think Siri integration should be the focus right now, Reminders fits a tasking niche that OmniFocus needs to work with, just as it does for iCal.