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I hate it when I've visited Facebook, closed the window, then when I'm on a completely different site it asks me if I want to register/comment/find friend/etc based on my Facebook account. The implied lack of privacy bothers me. I don't want to have to log out of Facebook every time--I like just being able to open it and have my account pop up--but I don't like how Facebook shares cookies with other sites. How about having Omniweb know that the cookies from Facebook should only be readable when my active browser session URL is and not

Same thing for Google. Let cookies received from google be visible to any window that is visiting a site, but not any other site. I don't like it when I've searched for something recently, only to visit some other page (usually a news site) and it has ad banners for whatever hotel or product I recently searched for.

I don't mind if those cookies are saved for future browsing when I later revisit the same site, I just don't want them visible to other sites in the mean time. Or rather, I'd like to be the one who decides which cookies are visible to third party sites.