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Right, that would make sense. Shame I can't peek at the iOS n/xibs ;)

As someone with only a few toes immersed in the Apple world, I am still finding it hard to figure out why Apple people put up with Xcode. Even with my simple and small (by comparison with Omni) codebase, I find it terribly clumsy (a shiny 2012 wrapper around 2000-era functionality).

I had imagined you might have developed your build infrastructure in part to enable you to use saner coding tools. I say this having just tried one of my occasional days in Xcode, and finding myself having probably done 20% less work than usual in consequence.

For a gratuitous sign-off to a gratuitous thread, thanks for making such great tools (it's inspirational to work with stuff that's so nicely-made). Time to head into Omnifocus to see what's next for today.

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