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[also sent via Feedback]For me, it's very useful to know what will happen when I open OF "tomorrow", i.e. if I have a lot of tasks with a start date that is approaching. This way, at the end of the day, I can get ready for tomorrow without having to wait until midnight. Does this make sense? :-)
Not only does it make sense, many of us have set up a perspective for it.

In Context view, group and sort actions by start date, and set the action filter to either Available (if you just want to see things you can do) or Remaining (if you want to see things that you might not yet be able to do, but that you thought you ought to start then).

Collapse the sections for start dates in the past, and for start dates in the future that are too far ahead. I prefer to show actions whose start date is today, tomorrow, and in the next week.

Now save that view as a perspective. I call it my Tickler perspective. It's not my idea; I picked it up from Curt Clifton, a frequent contributor to this forum. It's the OmniFocus equivalent of the 43 folders of a traditional tickler file.

I put a button for this perspective on my toolbar. I like to scan it twice daily: first time in the morning to help me plan my time, and last thing in the day to prime me for the next day.