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I know that this has been addressed in other posts, but I still seem to be having an issue with OF that prevents it from completely being my "trusted system." My issue is this: there are a number of ever changing tasks that I like to be reminded about, but want to defer for an hour, or a day, or a week, whatever. For example, I have a task "call Simon about Paula's new medication" with the intention of doing it today, so I flag it. However, as the day goes on I can't really bear the thought of calling Simon, so I want to do for it until tomorrow. I know that I can easily change the start date, but in order for me to get it off my today/flagged list, I need to unflag it. Then, in order to see it, I need to look at a different perspective. Now that there is any "do or flagged" perspective, I could change the due date to tomorrow, but if it is already flagged, it stays on my flag list, and now I am constantly changing perspectives to avoid looking at/thinking about tasks that I have already decided i don't want to think about.

What I am trying to get at, but not very artfully, is this: what is the best way to defer a task I don't want to do right now with confidence that it will come to my attention again when I want it to? Although I am devoted to OF, and think it the superior application, this is the one area where I think that Things and The Hit List have an advantage.

Any thoughts on how to implement this without constantly changing perspectives and, essentially, searching for tasks that should be jumping to my attention?