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Forgive me if I'm misunderstanding your question, but couldn't you simply unflag the item and change its due date, either via the Inspector or using the defer script found here? It should then show up in your "Due or Flagged" perspective when it ought to.
Because the "Due or Flagged" selector shows Remaining actions, not Available actions, it would still show up if the new due date is within the "Due Soon" window, even if you put a new start date on it.

Things has a "Today" marker that can be sprinkled about on things you want to do today. The original poster could simply strip off that marker on the task that he'd decided wasn't important to do and not be forced to live with the subconscious guilt of not making that call (so long as he kept looking at the "Today" list) without having to change anything else. Things' scheduling feature will automatically toss items onto the "Today" list.

I like working based on start dates, though I do use due dates as well for things that have concrete due dates. I don't necessarily finish an action as soon as it appears on my "tickler" list (context mode, grouped by start date) by any stretch of the imagination, but I do get a notion of how long something has been active without being completed by noting which group it falls in. Things would just leave any uncompleted action on the "Today" list, as I recall.

I can see how some might find the Things "Today" approach attractive, but I don't see anything that can't be done with possibly a few more mouse clicks, and OF seems much more richly featured.