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I have a perspective that I use for my daily task list:

group by context
sort by project
show available actions
any duration (I don't really use the duration function)

The items on this list are selected in my daily review which is the same except I show all remaining actions (which are flagged). This shows all flagged tasks.

During my weekly review I flag the items I want to do over the coming week. Then each day I narrow that list down by putting future start dates (usually just 1 day, but sometimes more if I know I can't do something until later in the week). Then for my daily task list I have just those few tasks I need/want to get done during that day.

So if in the middle of the day I realize I just can't call Simon, I would put a start date of tomorrow (via the inspector or Curt's defer script) and it's gone until tomorrow. I sometimes also flag something with a way out future start date (weeks or months) if it is something I am afraid I will forget or overlook in a review and it has to be started/completed by a certain time or heads will roll... mainly mine. Then it will automatically show up in my daily task list (as well as my daily review).

Just a side note: These are the threads I like best on this forum. I have picked up a lot of good ideas on how to implement my OFGTD system listening to the OF sages who post on here.