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Hey there...

I'm having a really strange problem.

I created a OmniGraffle stencils file and imported in small EPS graphic files. When I create a canvas the first time I'm able to place the stencils onto the canvas and save.

When I reopen and modify the file. I noticed that when I drag the same stencils into the canvas the stencils image will not show up. Also when I try to save the file I get a error message saying Print - Error while printing.

When I open the stencil file I can see the images. I don't think the EPS files are corrupt since I can open them up in Photoshop and modify them.

However, I have none of these problems with I use jpeg or bitmap files. I would prefer to use EPS files since I don't want to convert them.

I'm course if anyone else has seen this. I'm using Omnigraffle ver 5.2.1

Thanks for the help.