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Does anyone know how the sort by due date behaviour is supposed to behave? I have a perspective grouped & sorted by due date, and have noticed a bug (feature?) in the placing of actions in 'due within next week' behaviour.

As an example, today is 22 Jan, and I had an action marked as due today. Realising that I will not be able to accomplish the task, and it having a date I could move, I moved it to Sunday, 24 Jan.

After changing the due date, the task was placed in the 'due within the next week' section of the perspective. Now I would define 'due within the next week' as something due in the next 7-13 day period, not something due in the next two days. 'due this week' would be 0-6 days from now.

A bit of experimenting shows that this seems to happen when an action crosses the Sat/Sun threshold, which makes me think that OF is using calendar weeks and not relative weeks to determine these groupings.

I, like 99% of the world, start weeks on Monday and weekends are, well, the ends of the week, so if as task is due on Sunday, it's due on the last day of this week (assuming that OF is using calendar weeks).

I'm not sure if this is a Monday-Sunday calendar issue, or something else, but I thought it worth checking here to see this is something configurable, or if it's a bug/feature:

Are the 'due within X' groupings configurable?
If not, how is a 'due within' grouping determined?
Are the 'due within' groups relative or calendar based?

If they are calendar based, the week boundary should follow the preferences.

- Steve