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After changing the due date, the task was placed in the 'due within the next week' section of the perspective. Now I would define 'due within the next week' as something due in the next 7-13 day period, not something due in the next two days. 'due this week' would be 0-6 days from now.
I'm pretty confident that if I told you at 2 PM that a certain task was due in the next 20 minutes, you would agree that such a statement meant that it needed to be done no later than 2:20 PM. Similarly, if I told you at 2 PM that it needed to be done in the next 3 hours, you would agree that it needed to get done no later than 5 PM. So why would you interpret "in the next week" to indicate a span of time with a gap of up to 7 days before its start? Why would you want the meaning of the display groups to change depending on where in the week you are? contains a previous discussion of this topic. Summary: "in the next week" != "next week" and the current behavior is deliberate.