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I have a [single] "Waiting For" context setup in my context lists.

So, let's say that I have an action with a "Phone" context. I make that phone call on the prescribed date, but now need to wait for something back from the person I called in order to move the project forward. I briefly write down a summary of the call in the note section under that "Phone" action, and then change the context to "Waiting For" with a due date of, say, three days out.

Now, three days later when I'm in context view I can readily see that a red badge next to my "Waiting For" context indicates that I have one item due. I click on the "Waiting For" context, and there it is, a recap of that phone call of three days ago. Since I haven't yet received whatever it was I was waiting for,

I now have three choices: a) Call that person to follow-up; b) Bump the due date forward another two or three days; or c) Ignore it and let the action sit there in red until I do something with it.
This is how I am going to deal with it from now on. I hate having overdue actions with a @waiting context. I'll start bumping the date out. One thing I'm struggling with is projects:

Web Design Project
1. Input content
2. Send Sample
3. Upload

That's very basic, but when I lay out a project, I want to have every action with a start and due date. If I have #1 with a due date of tomorrow and #2 a due date of Saturday and #3 with a due date of Sunday, when I can't take action on #1 b/c I've not been sent the content yet, I end up having to bump everything back b/c if I dont, the due dates will be wrong. I am using sequential tasks here. Any advice here?